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Shoes for Children - official website of the Gucio footwear manufacturer
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How to measure a child's foot

Gucio shoes are available in Euro sizes 18-28 ( Us Sizes 3-12 ). The difference in length between each shoe size is 0,66 mm ( 0,3 inches ).

It may seem difficult to choose a child's shoe size for an internet shoe purchase, but it's actually quite straightforward. Our customers have had great success by following a simple method of measurement. 

Follow the simple steps below to measure your child's feet:


1) Place a piece of paper on the floor next to a wall or in a box.


2) Place your child's right foot on the piece of paper with her/his heel against the wall or a side of the box. ( Then make the same with your child's left foot. )


3) Mark the length of your child's foot at the tip of the longest toe.( Then make the same with your child's left foot. )


4)Then, take a ruler and measure this distance.


5) Now, compare the length of your child's feet in cm with the table below: ( FREE SPACE FOR TOES IS INCLUDED )


the size   the length of feet in cm

18           11cm

19           11,5 cm

20           12 cm

21           12,5 cm

22           13,2 cm

23           14cm

24           14,5 cm

25           15 cm

26           15,5 cm

27           16 cm

28           16,5 cm




 B - black

CZ - chocolate

F - violet

R - ginger

G - navy blue

NB - blue

T - aqua blue

W - heather

K - chestnut

M - yellow (honey)

N - natural

O - olive

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